Judging Criteria

Each round of the InNOLEvation® Challenge Business Model Competition is judged using the following questions:

Did the team identify a significant problem or unmet need and create a venture to solve this problem?
What is the size of the market and what percentage do you expect to capture?
Has the team developed a prototype or minimum viable product? How far along are you on the product cycle?
Does the team have significant evidence that the solution is validated (includes letters of intent, purchase contracts, sales, and partners)?
How will the prize money help your venture?
Is addressing the social/environmental problem the primary purpose for the creation of the enterprise? If so, why?
Does it have an innovative, systemic approach to addressing the social/environmental problem? If so, how?
Does the organization have a sustainable approach to achieving its mission and implementing/scaling its innovative approach to addressing the social/environment problem? If so, explain.
If your venture does not address a social/environmental problem as its primary purpose, does it positively impact society in some other manner? If so, how?

Most innovative $4,000



Ability to solve a problem in new ways

Prototype or MVP developed

Demonstrated differentiation from competitors

Strongest social/environmental impact (Jim Moran Challenge Social Venture award) $4,000

Primary purpose is addressing social/environmental problem

Systemic approach to addressing social/environmental problem

Sustainable approach to achieving its mission

Positively impacts society

Triple Bottom Line

Spirit of Entrepreneurship $4,000





Participation (point for every workshop)

Most Viable $4,000

Strong first year sales

Proven validation of market

Demonstrated execution ability

Validated and realistic financial model

Demonstrated differentiation from competitors

Most Scalable $4,000

Strong five year sales

Actionable plan for growth

Potential for new markets

Potential for outside investment

Probability for greater global expansion

Best Overall – Mark K Scott Infinity Funds Prize $10,000

Highest points overall of all criteria added together