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Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship

The Nation’s First Stand-Alone Entrepreneurship School at a Public University

Student Success

Visit this page often as we will be highlighting different student business success stories on a regular basis.

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Gordon Folkes, Archer First Response Systems 

Archer First Response Systems provides a Life-saving service and Amenity to Master Planned communities. We utilize the athleticism of Multi-rotor Unmanned air systems to quickly transport an AED and CPR mask to a Cardiac Arrest victim in need. Our goal is to have a substantial impact on the number of Sudden Cardiac Arrest fatalities in Master Planned communities by revolutionizing the way a cardiac arrest event is handled. By transporting a lifesaving AED and CPR mask directly to the scene of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event, our system enables a rescuer to focus on performing effective CPR and forego the timely and inconsistent AED retrieval process. By simply activating the community’s Archer First Response System with their mobile device, a rescuer will simultaneously hail an AED to their location, place a 911 phone call, notify other community members of the situation, and provide a visible landmark for EMS personnel to easily identify. Once activated, our centrally located Archer First Response System Ground Control Hub opens, our Multi-rotor flies a pre-programmed flight path to a drop coordinate nearest the site of activation, drops its payload, stably hovers over the scene to act as a visual beacon for EMS personnel, and then returns home to a secure landing location. An Archer First Response System provides 8 square miles of (3 minute or less) blanket AED coverage. We here at Archer First Response Systems are working to make communities more resilient to fatal Sudden Cardiac Arrest than ever before.


Brendan Adriano, Good Commune 

After traveling the world and moving to new cities, we sat down to try and understand what makes life so good. We came to realize a certain truth: The community of people we arrive with and find in those places are what make those moments and places something to remember. The “Good Commune” we find is what makes life good. We want to spread the love of good community and vibes by creating great designs on the softest shirts. We hope people wear Good Commune Clothing to remember the community they have and to show others the community they’re willing to give.

Through the support and guidance of the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship, Good Commune Clothing were able to generate revenues of over $1000 dollars of revenues within our first year. We are so excited to see what other opportunities lie ahead.

Be Good. Wear Good.


Kash Fallahzadeh, ProFi Facility Maintenance

ProFi FM is the leading provider of facility maintenance services to commercial facilities throughout the Southeast United States. We specialize in commercial janitorial services, grounds keeping, quality flooring, day/ night porters and sanitation; through innovation and technology. We serve office parks, commercial real estate, medical facilities, education centers, entertainment centers, auto dealerships, government facilities, business/ banking venues, the food industry and much more. With our dedicated staff and outstanding customer service we offer more than just a service, we create an EXPERIENCE.


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“The Jim Moran School helped a bunch of crazy college kids turn an idea into the biggest nonprofit of its kind in the world.”

Evan Ernst, founder of Who We Play For, a nonprofit established to create a national movement to protect the hearts of our youth by providing affordable heart screenings and increasing awareness.

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