Meredith McQuerry, PhD

Assistant Professor

PHONE: 850-644-6838

Textile Testing & Performance Measurement

B.S. Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles, University of Kentucky
B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences Education, University of Kentucky
M.S. Textile Science, University of Kentucky
Ph.D. Textile Technology Management, North Carolina State University

Quality Assurance
Product Development
Student Engagement
Project Management
Grant Writing

My research is primarily focused on improving the physiological comfort and ergonomic mobility of protective clothing for first responders, athletes, and industrial workers. The impact of wear and laundering on functional garment performance over time is also of interest to me. The majority of my work has been applied to structural firefighter turnout suits, using the functional design process to engineer a better performing garment. My research uses virtual modeling and human wear trials to assess the effect of clothing on human performance during physical activity.

Meredith McQuerry – Vitae (PDF)


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McQuerry, M., DenHartog, E., Barker, R. (2017). Analysis of air gap volume in structural firefighter turnout constructions in relation to heat loss. Textile Research Journal. DOI: 10.1177/0040517517723024

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McQuerry, M., Barker, R., DenHartog, E., Hummel, A. (2016). Alternative methodologies for determining the impact of clothing ventilation in structural firefighter turnout suits. Performance of Protective Clothing and Equipment: 10th Volume, Risk Reduction through Research and Testing, ASTM STP1593, pp. 313-330, DOI: 10.1520/STP159320160003.

McQuerry, M., DenHartog, E., Barker, R. (2016). Garment ventilation strategies for improving heat loss in structural firefighter clothing ensembles. AATCC Journal of Research, 3(3), 9-14,
DOI: 10.14504/ajr.3.3.2. [AATCC J. W. Weaver Paper of the Year Award]

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DOI: 10.1177/0040517515595029.

McQuerry, M., Klausing, S., Cotterill, D., Easter, E. (2015). A post-use evaluation of turnout gear using NFPA 1971 standard on protective ensembles for structural fire fighting and NFPA 1851 on selection, care and maintenance. Fire Technology, 51(5), 1149-1166, DOI: 10.1007/s10694-014-0446-x.


J.W. Weaver Paper of the Year Award for the AATCC Journal of Research

Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

ITAA Rutherford Teaching Challenge Winner

ITAA Sara Douglas Fellowship for Professional Promise

ASTM International Student Paper Competition, First Place Winner

AATCC Herman and Myrtle Student Paper Competition, First Place Winner