Retail Entrepreneurship

The new Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship is the nation’s first stand-alone entrepreneurship school outside of a college of business at a public university offering a Retail Entrepreneurship program.

The major of Retail Entrepreneurship, starting in Fall of 2018, is an undergraduate program which offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Retail Entrepreneurship (RE), which integrates an understanding of merchandising strategy, consumer research and behavior, design principles and product development, buying, store organization including e-commerce, visual merchandising, inventory management and sales —the necessary components in bringing products from concept to consumer. The Retail Entrepreneurship (RE) major prepares students for executive training programs and other entry-level retail merchandising and product development positions within a diverse range of retail and retail-related businesses. Be sure to check out the FSU Retail and Innovation Center, which creates partnerships between retail and retail-related businesses and FSU students and faculty.

For requirements on applying to the program, curriculum, and academic map, please contact the contacting advising office for the Jim Moran School by emailing or by phone at (850) 644-7158.

Advising for Jim Moran School is located on-campus:

Roderick K. Shaw Building (RSB)
644 West Call Street
Tallahassee FL 32306-1115

Prerequisite Coursework

Students must complete the following prerequisites required in preparation for the upper division major. All prerequisite courses must be completed with C or higher (a C minus is NOT sufficient). Students are encouraged to contact the department with questions about completing these requirements.

ECO 2013 (Macroeconomics)
ECO 2023 (Microeconomics)
STA 2023 (Business Statistics)
MAC 1105 (College Algebra)
A Leadership Course

Note: State-wide common prerequisites are always under review. For the most current information and for acceptable alternative courses, visit the “Common Prerequisites Manual.” This is available from the “Student Services” section of

Additional Requirements

Admission Requirements to the Upper-Division Major
Students at FSU should apply in the spring semester of their sophomore year to begin the entrepreneurship curriculum in the following fall.

Students must also have at least 60 hours of coursework with an adjusted FSU GPA of 2.0 and at least half the hours required in General Education, including freshman English composition and mathematics, or an A.A. degree. Students must also have completed the required prerequisites for the major, each with a grade of C or better (a C minus is NOT sufficient).

Bachelor of Science in Retail, Merchandising & Product Development (60 hours)

  • Students must complete requirements in place at the time they enter the major. As advising is critical to successful program completion, students should consult with a departmental advisor as early as possible.
  • All required coursework listed below, including electives, must be completed with a grade of C or higher (a C minus is NOT sufficient).
  • An internship is required to complete this program. An FSU cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.

General Core Requirements: (15 hours)
ENT 3003 (3) Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ECO 3041 (3) Personal Finance
ENT 4XXX (3) Sales Management
ENT 3414 (3) Measuring Financial Success
ENT 4114 (3) Business Plan Design

Required courses: (24 hours)
CTE 1401 (3) Introduction to Textile Science
CTE 3763 (3) Design Principles and Analysis
CTE 3055 (3) Computer Applications
CTE 3806 (3) Evolution and the Current State of the Retail Industry
CTE 3808 (3) Consumers in the Marketplace
CTE 4822 (3) Retail Math
CTE 4829 (3) Global Sourcing
CTE 4943 (3) Internship

Each student will be required to select one of the following tracks within the major:

Retail Merchandising Track required courses: (15 hours)
CTE 3835 (3) Visual Merchandising
CTE 4826 (3) Retail Buying
CTE 4XXX (3) E-Commerce/Digital
CTE 4843 (3) Retail Branding
CTE 4XXX (3) Supply Chain Management

Product Development Track required courses: (16 hours)
CTE 3431 (3) Product Development Process
CTE 3XXX (3) Technology 2
CTE 4443 (4) Product Evaluation
CTE 4XXX (3) Sustainability/Social Responsibility
CTE 4XXX (3) Senior Capstone

Computer Skills Competency: CGS 2060 (3) or CGS 2100 (3)

Oral Communication Competency (0-3 hours): Students must demonstrate the ability to orally transmit ideas and information clearly. This requirement may be met through with an approved college-level course.

Minimum Program Requirements Summary:
Total Hrs. Required: 120
General Education: 36*
Prerequisites: 0-6 beyond General Education or major coursework
Major Coursework: 60
Minor Coursework: 0
Computer Skills: 3
Oral Competency: 0-3
Electives to bring total hours to 120

*Note: RMPD majors should select ECO 2013, ECO 2023, and one of PSY 2012/SYG 1000/ SYG 2010 to fulfill the Social Science area, and MAC 1105 and STA 2023 to fulfill the requirement for Mathematics.

The New Retail Entrepreneurship Internship Program is based on over 35 years of successfully placing interns in real-world work experiences with an amazing list of internship partners that includes over 250 outstanding companies across the nation and around the world.

As a required course in the Retail Entrepreneurship (RE) major, your internship experience will be coordinated by Ms. Roxanne Parker and Mr. Jim McLaughlin. The internship is carefully structured to ensure a meaningful experience and is also faculty-supervised for your protection.

The opportunities are endless to prepare for a successful career – from retail operations to sourcing, to buying and planning, to public relations, media, and product development service and industry organizations. You can pursue opportunities at both the corporate and business field levels.

The RE Internship Program has enjoyed a 100% placement rate over the years – with many interns accepting permanent positions as a result of their internship placement, or with the offer of their internship position.

We would love to talk to you about internship and career opportunities in the exciting world of Retail Entrepreneurship. Contact Ms. Roxanne Parker or Mr. Jim McLaughlin for an internship application.

Employment Information

Salary Information: National Association of Colleges and Employers, Occupational Outlook Handbook

Representative Job Titles: Executive Trainee or entry-level Manager leading to a variety of positions including: Department Manager, Asst. Store Manager, District or Regional Manager, Assistant Buyer, Buyer, Quality Assurance Assistant, Quality Assurance Manager, Product Development Assistant, Product Development Manager, General Merchandise Manager, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Assistant Planner, Planner, Assistant Allocator, Allocator, Vendor Representative, Salesperson, Visual Merchandising Manager, Advertising Manager, Sales Promotion Manager, Distribution Center Manager, Recruiter, Trainer, Human Resource Manager, College Relations Manager, Stylist, Vendor Rep/Showroom Rep, and E-Commerce.

Representative Employers: Department Store Retailers, Mass Merchandisers, Discount Merchandisers, Large and Small Specialty Stores, Electronic Shopping Networks, Fashion Publications, Food Retailers, Fiber and Fabric Manufactures, Entertainment Retailers, U.S. and State Governments, Online Retailers, Distribution Centers.