InNOLEvation Challenge Finals 2018

2019 Finalists:

  • Aquasist
  • Construction Chain
  • Hummingbiird
  • Impact Frontiers, LLC
  • InnoHealth
  • Long Range Network
  • Thermoset Composite Recycling Solutions

2018 Winners:

  • Best Overall (Mark K Scott Infinity Funds Prize): DriGo
  • Strongest Social/Environment Impact (Social Venture Award): Read to Rise
  • Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award: Jump Start Recovery
  • Most Viable Award: Gifts for Confidence
  • Most Scalable Award: Social Safe
  • Most Innovative: DiaTech


  • SafeGo

2017 Winners:

First place: Safebriight (Mark K Scott Infinity Funds Prize)

First place: Mayan Traditions (Jim Moran Challenge Social Venture Award)

Second place: Tutor Direct

Third place: PowerTrak


  • Aquaholic Engineering
  • PlayBall
  • STEM Veterans USA
  • Mayan Traditions

2017 Winners In the News!
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First Place: Unhoused Humanity, Inc.

Second Place: Tweb Innovations

Third Place: Ingot

Finalists (in alphabetical order):

  • IDEA Diaspora Network
  • KSNF or Kathi Smillie Nursing Foundation
  • U.L.A. (Ultimate League Association)
  • LifePrep and Munday Ventures Corp.

2016 Winners In the News!
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